Finding a Home in Normality

I’m not sure I want to do this blog crap, but I’ve got a hundred reasons to try it out, so here we go.  First, what the hell is Hipster in Exile?  Well, to be honest, it sounds a little stupid to me, but I wanted a website name that wasn’t just my first and last.  It’s a little risky mixing anything more ambitious with a glorified resume space (which you can check out if you’re hiring a video editor, just ask), and I’ll probably have to do a little self censoring to keep from getting myself in trouble, but what the hell?  Deciding to let chips fall where they may.  Blah blah blah… answer the question.  Ok, so I was recently fortunate enough to be able to buy an apartment in New York.  Only problem (or is it a problem?) is that it is far far away from all of the traditional haunts one associates with being in any way cool.  Or anything resembling atmosphere.  Or friends, for that matter.

My goal with this blog is to explore what it means to grow up to people like me who have spent an inordinate amount of time being concerned with being in style or expressing our individuality by dressing and acting like like-minded people.  It’s about what happens when life forces a hipster to hop back on the conventional train and rejoin the mainstream.  It’s especially hard in New York, so close to the epicenter of taste-making and fashion.  It’s even harder to realize how tied up in that superficial image rat race I was and begin to move on.

So now I have an apartment, a steady, not-so-glamorous job (although that may change with this dismal economy), and a full-on midlife crisis in swing.  And none of my friends want to come out here.  Expect this site to get more sophisticated as I pour more of myself into it.  Expect to see pictures of things.  Expect links to stories about coming of age, or finding meaning, or how to replace a toilet.