Geez It’s Been a While

Well boy do I have some great stories to tell.  And it’s been so long since I’ve posted here that it’s probably safe to tell and assume that noone who might be hurt will read this.  But maybe not, so apologies.  Also,  I will be reevaluating this blog’s whole purpose probably soon.  Because it’s seriously lame not to update it with fun shit and stories and links and photos and whining bullshit.

So here’s some updates: I am another year older.  Had a birthday party for myself, which is I guess what adults end up having to do when we get to a certain age.  I’ve never seen a TV show portray anything like that, though… which means I am a loser.  Anyway it was at Melody Lanes in Sunset Park, which means bowling.  Out of about 40-50 invitees, I got maybe 10 people to show up.  What’s weird is the assortment that came.  I clearly don’t have deep membership in any big unified groups of friends.  I’m pretty cool with that now.

The fucked up part was all the seriously lame excuses that people gave me for not coming.  One person said that I had invited too many of her exes (none showed up), another one said last time she bowled she broke a nail, so would be avoiding it this time.  My favorite was from a pretty good friend in which she decided not to come because the “subways were too messed up” that day.  That night she ended up 4 stops away on a train that was running fine later that night, according to her facebook pictures from that night.  In the end we were probably only 5 long blocks apart, but I was too pissed to do any reaching out.

Why have the posts dried up, you may wonder?  Well I’m seriously dating a girl.  That’s right, I’m pulling the cliche move where I drop everything and everyone to get rolled up in new romance.  Only I’m trying really hard to keep that from happening.  Problem is I can’t fucking get people to hang out!  That and I’m not trying as hard to make it happen.  Hopefully things will get more social now that the weather’s heating up for real.