And on with the venting

Lot of catching up to do on this here blog.  As I’ve claimed many times before, I’m going to try to lighten this thing up, turn it into a hybrid of my rantings and posting interesting shiz.  First up, this song killed me today.  Literally halfway through I burst into unstoppable tears and then played it again when it was over just to get another dose of the cries.

So it’s a cover by Karen O of the Yeah yeah yeahs apparently commissioned by the geniuses of the Chipotle green marketing machine.  I saw another piece they did in support of sustainable small scale farming set to another Willie Nelson song at the Angelika before a film (Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”) and it also squeezed a tear.  It was amazing but seeing the Chipotle logo at the end was like a left hook to the neck.  I felt somehow betrayed by my own optimism.  Here it is, try not to get too suckered!

And finally, I’m on twitter now.  My account if you’re interested is here.  Looks like I didn’t vent yet.  I’m sure that’ll change as midnight rolls around and I get tired of another Saturday staring at the wall trying desperately to keep my pain from spilling into my non-anonymous internet life.