Why does this feel like a copout?

Ok, this morning on the train…  I think it was the D, over the bridge into Manhattan I took this:

Did someone spill acid on this guy’s head?

So he was passed out for a while and I was annoyed because I had to perch on the edge of the seat (he was flopped halfway into mine).  I was watching the scenery and glanced at his head.  My thoughts were: “I wonder what motivates a guy to shave his head that close that frequently–WHOA! Is that? Yes! He has a crater in his head almost the thickness of a skull.”

I turned back in to the car interior and glanced around to see if anyone had read my mind and was frowning at me in scorn when I thought: “Shit! you can totally take a picture of this thing and everyone will think you’re taking a picture of the river like some kinda tourist! GO GO GO!”  And then there was a little guilt.  But he was taking up one and a half seats so whatever. click that thing for a larger version.