You gotta break some eggs

I’ve recently noticed that embedded video doesn’t show up in the email version of this blog.  So, the solution is for you to click on over the the actual site. Done. Ok.  Yes.  Here’s a track to play while reading this post:

Today’s theme?  Managing the painfulness of our (romantic) relationships.  I’m talking here about the attempt to lessen the pain our partner feels while managing our own experience.  I think this is something that we all think about mostly as happening at the end of a relationship, Continue reading You gotta break some eggs

I suck at communicate-ifying

In grad school, one of the few articles we were assigned that I actually read has stuck with me for it’s vivid imagery and incredible insight.  I’ll try to find it maybe so I can cite it properly, but for now I’ll just try to summarize it.  We read this article in a linguistics course focused on the role of language in socialization (I’m simplifying, I think the word “socialization” was avoided for being too 60’s-era simplistic and vanilla.  Not French-philosopher enough, for sure…anyway).  Or was it the role of socialization in the learning of language?  Literally every single thing in grad school could be flopped around like that Continue reading I suck at communicate-ifying

The Consequences of Pissing where we swim

These days I find myself overusing this philosophy I’ve borrowed from the pool of pop culture and folky “wisdom.”  Might say it’s my new mantra.  “Mantra” means vapid truism we spout all the time but tend to ignore while scolding ourselves for constantly doing so, right? Thought so, this is mine: “Don’t piss where you swim.”  Or as a friend of mine likes to paraphrase it: “Don’t shit where you eat.”  But I think “don’t shit where you eat” is a little too proscriptive… I mean if it were my mantra I would probably actually FOLLOW it.  Continue reading The Consequences of Pissing where we swim