Helping her Cheat

So I’m sitting here waiting for Hurricane Sandy to be born and to launch dozens of roof tiles and metal L beams through my living room window, and I’m reflecting on a pile of weird ass shit that’s been gunking up the ole life lately.  (WARNING! It’s a long one, there’s video breaks, I couldn’t be bothered to proofread after about halfway through.  I will later if we’re all still alive). Continue reading Helping her Cheat

Getting Jerked Around: Apologies

Hey hey, sorry if you visited recently and the site was all jacked up.  I guess I just learned what happens when you press “update” on everything but don’t bother checking the site.  Looks like Pagelines, the theme I had been using (very happily, I might add), decided to get even more fancy and complicated.  In other words, it went to shit. Continue reading Getting Jerked Around: Apologies