Getting Jerked Around: Apologies

Hey hey, sorry if you visited recently and the site was all jacked up.  I guess I just learned what happens when you press “update” on everything but don’t bother checking the site.  Looks like Pagelines, the theme I had been using (very happily, I might add), decided to get even more fancy and complicated.  In other words, it went to shit.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to find something on their forums that would answer the problem, but it looks like at least for people using the free version, all they really have to say to us is RTFM.  So all I have to say in response is: nah, I’ll just make one of the for real free ones work.  Done.  Shit was getting complicated like Microsoft Word got bloated, anyway.  Time to bail out of the long term jerk-around.

In other news, I’ve clearly been ignoring this blog for a while.  I’ve got plenty of romantic hijinks and disappointing adventures to report, but I’ve been trying to focus my energy toward fiction writing.  And in fact I finished a story for the FUCKING FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE a week ago.  Very exciting.

It may not be a warm woman to keep me snuggly all winter:

But at least it’s more than a punch in the nuts.

As usual, 25 year old women find me very fascinating and 35 year old women hate my guts.  I have to be honest with you: I’d rather spend cuffing season with a woman than a girl.  It takes a LOT of energy to pretend to see the world through the same fresh eyes as those young chicks.  Like, wow I had NO IDEA you could spin an egg to tell if its hard boiled, or whatever new amazing life tip they got a’broilin’ in their bubbly shiny rainbow souls.

Nosir, I need me a bitter hag with smoothish skin, a nice round ass, the mouth of a sailor, the skepticism of a hostage and a secret heart of chewy nougaty gold.  That and make her genuinely find joy in giving (and receiving) oral sex, Mr. Sandman, and I’ll fucking cook and clean for that bitch until summer.

Hell, I might even plant a baby in her gut.  If she smiles enough. Sweet Jesus, I must be high on fiery orange leaves and cloudy sweet apple cider.