In Which the Cad Gets a Taste

Well, I’ve been dumped.  In truly record time.  Again.  Karma, though: I totally deserve it considering how often I do the same thing.  I feel that if there’s anything the internet-facilitated hyper speed of our communications these days is good for, it’s dumping someone super quick.  And deciding they needed to be dumped in the first place.  I’ve gone on record recently stating my preference for the time-honored fade-away (I think there are 2 or three girls using this method on me RIGHT NOW, and God love ’em), and this recent experience affirms it.  For oh so many reasons.  Continue reading In Which the Cad Gets a Taste

End of a Really Good Thing

I’ve been circling around this topic for days now, firing off cryptically insensitive tweets and getting into internet fights and even more virtual fights in my mind about it and I’m finally going to give in and try to organize my thoughts on the matter here.  It’s rough and mildly offensive, but please stick with it to the end, where [spoiler alert] I agree with the decision.

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