Tales From Last Night Vol.1

Last night I went to a gathering at a bar – Sharlene’s – for a dude’s birthday, and some of the things I mentioned in past posts came true.  I thought it was interesting so lemme share:

Married Girls are Better Conversationalists:

I met two very delightful new women at the bar.  Continue reading Tales From Last Night Vol.1

Exceptions to the Bro Code?

I’m gonna embed some songs here, to set the mood.  I think you’ll immediately figure out which subsection of the Bro Code I’m eager to discuss. To wit:

Obviously, it states very clearly in the preamble of the Bro Code, after the general heading of Bros before Ho’s, that you don’t fuck your friends’ ladies.  Indisputable.  Self-Evident.  They even borrowed a version of that to put in the 10 commandments (along with your bro’s oxen… also clearly taboo).  But what about after the relationship ends? Continue reading Exceptions to the Bro Code?

Oh hi There Old Friends

So where the hell have I been?  What the fuck have I been doing? (no one asks).  Well I’ve been getting my dick sucked every week (figuratively) in a writing class (with whom I can now officially never share this blog), doing some writing for that, and putting my nose to the grindstone at work.

What? No “real” pussy? Surely you’ve been absent from the narcissism blog because of all the fucking tail you’ve been “up in.” Right? (that’s you asking me right there.  that’s generally what you sound like, I’m serious.)

Ok yes I got a little pussy.  Continue reading Oh hi There Old Friends