Bad reputation nets good results?

Like most posts, this one springs from some daydreaming I’m doing while getting ready to leave my house to do some work.  It’s snowing hard outside (even though it’s like 45 degrees), and I’m looking for excuses to not leave the house.  I really should though.

So, in my mind I’m thinking about this girl I met for the second time this weekend.  She’s the classic “butterface.”  I feel a little bad saying it, Continue reading Bad reputation nets good results?

So here’s the new deal

Guess what, chumps.  I quit my job.  Yep.  I’m taking my life’s balls in my hand and running with them.

And none other than Taylor Swift is totally FEELING ME:

Wait. Why did I quit? Fuck you for asking, we should ALL be quitting our jobs.  Seriously.  Aren’t you just miserable?  Like every fucking day?  I know almost every person I just left behind sure as hell is. Continue reading So here’s the new deal