Well I’ve arrived and acclimated and had some fun and now it’s time to give this blog app a run.



So what’s it like?
Oh who cares? I can say this place is goddamned magical, for sure. The air feels like some kind of gladness injection straight through your lungs and into that crusty cave where they tell me a heart is supposed to live. It’s fucking Harry Potter land and smiles and good vibes all around and its super soothing. All cynicism aside, if I were to live here, I’d probably become a much more pleasant person to be around, living a life full of positivity and proactive productiveness. Continue reading So, EDINBURGH!


Ok, so in preparation for my upcoming voyage, I’m trying out the WordPress mobile app. How’s this monkey work!? 

 pic, uploaded! Can you believe who I found on Tinder?! The ageless Amanda Lepore! I’ve met her. In fact, I shuttled her, covered in MAC pink lipstick in my mom’s SUV from a venue at which she was performing to her hotel. My one and only brush with greatness. 

Secret Box

I’ve got a box of old letters hidden under my bed.  Ok, it’s actually in my closet.  I don’t keep shit under my bed because I live alone, have a ton of space, and am a goddamn adult.  Anyway, the box is one of several low priority items that live on a shelf that’s hard to reach.  Stuff like the box my laptop came in lives up there.  And a bag I bought to carry a vintage alesis drum machine I got when it was not vintage at all.  Incidentally, I mAlesis SR-16ade some really killer beats this one hour back in ’94 when I managed to hook that thing up.  I even saved them.  I bet they’re still saved and it still works and I’ll be famous soon. Continue reading Secret Box

Take The High Road?

I recently came into possession of some things that would devastate a certain person who recently broke my heart, were she to find out.  Or I should say pictures of things that are of such a personal nature that just knowing that they exist makes me suddenly a steward of this person’s secrets.  Her very embarrassing secrets.

Before I get to that, here’s an early summer greasy dance jam.  Get ready for sweaty late night make-out sessions in dusty corners of abandoned warehouses to THIS:

Continue reading Take The High Road?