Well I’ve arrived and acclimated and had some fun and now it’s time to give this blog app a run.



So what’s it like?
Oh who cares? I can say this place is goddamned magical, for sure. The air feels like some kind of gladness injection straight through your lungs and into that crusty cave where they tell me a heart is supposed to live. It’s fucking Harry Potter land and smiles and good vibes all around and its super soothing. All cynicism aside, if I were to live here, I’d probably become a much more pleasant person to be around, living a life full of positivity and proactive productiveness.

In short, Edinburgh comes highly recommended.

What’s the catch? Oh I don’t know. I’ve been surfing the Tinder, of course. Wanna see some cuties? Ok. Here are some matches I’ve gotten:

You know what? Scratch that. 

I feel weird posting the non-crazies. Let’s just say that the girls here are all types you’d find in New York as well. Tons of tan glam bridesmaid dresses and regular nerdish cute chix. A few 22 year olds fishing for old guys, and many mid-30’s looking for that last chance.  And intense amounts of normal. So instead, here’s what I see on my walks:


like…10 seconds from the heart of town

I saw the aging Buzzcocks last night:

And a superb dreamy electro pop trio of sisters, Stealing Sheep.

Let’s see if this app turns that into embedded video. Needless to say I bought a tote bag and had a deep, meaningful moment with one of the group as she handed me my change.

Ok it didn’t embed. I’ll try harder next time. And maybe share something interesting. Here’s a series of pics. Look how dreamy and British she is: