No, what are YOU going to do?

Well. It’s full on Summer in NYC.  Summer sets off a cascade of intense FOMO in the exiled hermit, because there’s just SO MUCH shit going on.  Every year I scramble to get on top of the events, free outdoor movies, free outdoor concerts, museums-turned-dance-parties, free ice creamz, beach outings, topless parades, and multitude of paid shit that’s generally even better than all that rubbish.  I actually do a fairly good job grabbing summer by the balls and squeezing all the sunshiney juices from it.  Into an ice cube tray, which pops into the freezer for a few hours, SunTeaJARZjust long enough to make summer-jizz ice for my sun tea with mint I’ll be taking to that picnic you’re having in the park.  Just let me know where and I’ll even bring wine.

SO, in a pathetic attempt to broaden my blog’s subject matter, I’ve decided to take all the fucking painstaking research I’ve done and make a post with all them resources in one place.  Of course, it’s mostly for my benefit so I can just go to one place to figure out where I’ll be desperately burying my growing fear of being alone forever each day…. but feel free to use it too.  Updates as I get to them.  First, a pile of links:

Summer Movies

Rooftop Films – Various: Big hits and arty bits showcased on various roofs around the city and Brooklyn.  Some are pay, some free, and I’ve NEVER been to one.  Feels too twee? Or I just got those sour grapes the Aesop was talking about

The Intrepid – West Side Manhattan: Free spacey/military movies on the deck of an old aircraft carrier (smaller than it sounds). They say bring picnic stuff, blankets, chairs, food.  Sounds legit, if only I had a special gal to go with boo hoo.

Red Hook Flicks – Valentino Pier: Somewhere north of Ikea there’s a green space near the water where they project pretty killer 90’s movies on the side of an old warehouse.  Go get you hipster card punched.

Thrillist – CALENDAR: In past years, these guys had a really good listing, by day, of all the film options.  This year their list is FAR from complete.

AMNY – CALENDAR: Way better list of the outdoor film options, plus free indoor ones, by day.  I don’t know why you’re still here.  Get the fuck over there NOW!

THE SKINT – CALENDAR: Literally the day I posted this page, thrifty activity listing blog posted a super kick-ass listing, which I will now rip off and modify.

But it’s not all about movies.  There are several MORE things you should feel guilty about not doing.

Concerts comma Outdoor comma FREE

Ohmyrockness – LISTINGS: Should be everyone’s go-to first stop for all concerns live music.  They have a couple directed pages to narrow your options to the free or outdoor or festival (maybe not) or out of town varieties.

[ok, break time.  back in a day or two with a calendar, food stuff, camping stuff, other shit]



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