It Loses Its Flavor and He Gets Down About It

So, I’ve been digging through my old posts and realizing my life was much more interesting a couple years ago.  There were crazy nights of rejection followed by monsoon-drenched sex, late-night outdoor blowjobs underneath the Verrazano, roof parties and stairwell sex, lots of fucking laughs, aaaandd…. a whole bunch of other shit.  You get it.

Turns out I’ve lived a fucking lot.  At least compared to some?

Who cares. What’s it got me? Maybe I’ll super duper SEO those stories and somehow unleash the power of Google, thereby harnessing millions of fresh, unjudging eyeballz, magically get recognized as a literary powermachine and have tons of fame tossed my way.  All the fame.  Anyway.  I was listening to a lot of old Memphis early rock n roll recordings recently for a job and discovered this gem by Johnny Cash:

I’ve tried to get into J Cash in the past, but I can’t ever get much deeper than the hits.  Continue reading It Loses Its Flavor and He Gets Down About It

In Which The Inner Exile Gets His Way

So I haven’t really stuck to the primary motivations I had in starting this blog in the first place… Which I think may still be on that dumb “about me” page. Basically, I wanted to sort of chronicle what the experience of leaving the hip-est neighborhood in the WORLD behind was like. As in, hey, I’m gonna do all this “becoming an adult” shit–get an apartment and fix it up, make friends who aren’t trash, struggle to find better meaning in my life–and tell you all about it.

But I didn’t. Continue reading In Which The Inner Exile Gets His Way

Tales From Last Night Vol.2, Cock Block Edition

NOTE! This was posted a few months after the events happened.  I wrote it and forgot it.  I think that’s how I’m gonna deal with the danger that some people might be reading about themselves here from now on.

I thought I’d have dropped this idea of recapping the previous night’s events, but as I’ve been taking writing about my life more seriously, I’ve realized that some of my best shit is my bizarrely interesting interactions with the ladays. Continue reading Tales From Last Night Vol.2, Cock Block Edition

End of a Really Good Thing

I’ve been circling around this topic for days now, firing off cryptically insensitive tweets and getting into internet fights and even more virtual fights in my mind about it and I’m finally going to give in and try to organize my thoughts on the matter here.  It’s rough and mildly offensive, but please stick with it to the end, where [spoiler alert] I agree with the decision.

Continue reading End of a Really Good Thing