Well I’ve arrived and acclimated and had some fun and now it’s time to give this blog app a run.



So what’s it like?
Oh who cares? I can say this place is goddamned magical, for sure. The air feels like some kind of gladness injection straight through your lungs and into that crusty cave where they tell me a heart is supposed to live. It’s fucking Harry Potter land and smiles and good vibes all around and its super soothing. All cynicism aside, if I were to live here, I’d probably become a much more pleasant person to be around, living a life full of positivity and proactive productiveness. Continue reading So, EDINBURGH!

Why does this feel like a copout?

Ok, this morning on the train…  I think it was the D, over the bridge into Manhattan I took this:

Did someone spill acid on this guy’s head?

So he was passed out for a while and I was annoyed because I had to perch on the edge of the seat (he was flopped halfway into mine).  I was watching the scenery and glanced at his head.  My thoughts were: “I wonder what motivates a guy to shave his head that close that frequently–WHOA! Is that? Yes! He has a crater in his head almost the thickness of a skull.”

I turned back in to the car interior and glanced around to see if anyone had read my mind and was frowning at me in scorn when I thought: “Shit! you can totally take a picture of this thing and everyone will think you’re taking a picture of the river like some kinda tourist! GO GO GO!”  And then there was a little guilt.  But he was taking up one and a half seats so whatever. click that thing for a larger version.

Another hilarious real life photo of hilariousness

So I was walking home and saw this under some bushes.  Having once bought one of these to take as a gag to a party I can tell you, they sell them at the 99¢ stores here in NY.  That should tell you something about the ingredients they put into them.  I think whoever left these here must have died further back in the bushes.

Stay tuned for a travel-oriented post about Playa del Carmen Mexico.