Miscellanea and Junk

Ok, so I’m going to start off with the pap.  I happened to watch a little television tonight, having gotten home late and needing something to distract me from a monster headache and a pile of unfulfilled dreams.  I was canceling a gym membership and picking up (yeah picking up myself, not having it brought to me which is what ya pay for) a package from the fedex compound in Brooklyn, if you wanted to know.

So anyway, I was watching this new reality gameshow competition thing called “The Sing-Off,” which if you haven’t seen the ads is like “Star Search” but with group contestants only.  Or as I’m sure the show’s creators pitched it, it’s like “Glee” meets “American Idol” by way of “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Sheesh I’m done with the fucking quotation marks.  Italics from now on.  If you don’t know any of those references, it’s an a capella group competition with three judges (dude, Ben Folds is one, and he’s like a kindly yet serious high school music instructor).

I’m pretty much hooked even though I despise every single one of the other shows this thing takes it’s cue/influence from.  Mostly because the groups competing are actually kind of bad.  Plus they eliminated the only group with a compelling non-musical back story tonight (called Solo, from a poverty stricken neighborhood somewhere).  Making it to the next round were at least two incredibly white lady groups who sang without much soul or character or emotion or whatever.

My favorite moment, other than the super short solo of the tall dude from Solo who had this buttery Lou Rawls meets Marvin Gaye with like a tiny smidge of Johnny Mathis voice that will definitely make him rich and laid, was when the elimination bit got down to its final two groups (Solo and Gaggle Of White Housewives [sic]).  There was a moment when both groups were huddled together clasping hands tightly, waiting in painful anticipation.  There was some serious shit riding on it, and both groups had reason to believe they were going home.  I personally expected them to eliminate the WASPs….  So anyway, both groups had a member who was visibly praying to god.  It was almost like a mini competition to see who could get god to pick them with the most devout pleas.  I sound callous…  Yep.  White ladies church group no 1 won.  Bleh.  They sucked.

Other topics?  Well… it’s Xmas time and I’ve got to decide who to blow money on.  I’m in a little bit of a fight with part of my family, so I’m thinking of sending them all something really thoughtful to pour on the guilt.  Haven’t gotten much in the way of family contact from them since we all “reconciled” 2 years ago that I haven’t initiated.  They pissed me off recently so I haven’t initiated any contact with them and suddenly they’re all “you’re so quiet, is something wrong?”  Well, if you get a christmas present, then yes, I hate you.  Just not sure what to get them.  I’m becoming a real fan of small stuff.  There’s an incredible variety of tiny things to get people… It lends itself well to finding something “personal,” like a flask for a certain alcoholic asshole.

On the coworkers front:  more and more surreal.  I’m starting to get shit from the idiots new boss for not tattling on them when they don’t do their work.  As I wrote that, I just realized that she probably had a few talks with them, and they probably blamed their lack of involvement in their own projects on me.  Like I’m an ogre and I chase them away from their own shit.  Sighs.  It would be nice to work on something that isn’t absolutely embarrassingly awful.  For once.  Please universe.

More to Watch Less

Ok, so I’ve been watching a reality series… I think the last one I actually followed was “The next Iron Chef,” but I’m not 100% on that.  I really liked it for the same reason some of my coworkers (I say coworkers because noone who calls hipsters their friends watches or admits to watching television, much less following a whole reality tv series to it’s conclusion, so i can only talk tv with coworkers) didn’t like it: The contestants were all very accomplished in their careers and confident in their abilities.

It was a pleasure to watch those guys and girls stretch their muscle and compete in a pretty amiable/jocular environment.  They liked each other and noone was a prick.  Exactly why “Top Chef” wasn’t fun for me.  I also probably could give a shit about the new season.  One was enough.  It means way less each time they do something like that.

Anyway, the show I’m watching now is called “More to Love.” And in case you haven’t heard of it (I’m pretty sure you haven’t), it’s basically the Bachelor (or maybe I should take it back to Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire), but with fat chicks.  And a fat guy.

Thing is, this fat guy is basically a relatively charming and suave frat dude who happens to be overweight, but not all that much.  He’s a big guy, but it fits.  What’s more important is that he’s clearly had experience with the ladies.

The same couldn’t/can’t be said for the ladies.  They are almost to a girl virgins.  They have mostly never been on real dates with guys or kissed guys or ever had boyfriends.  And this guy figured it out.  Or had it figured out before he even got to the set.  If you can find it, watch the first episode and you’ll see the whole thing play out.  Extremely self conscious inexperienced girl who thinks she’s dogmeat meets guy who compliments her eyes and BAM! she’s in love.  They had like 25 fat girls running around telling the cameras they were “seriously falling in love” with this guy.

And while he may deep down be classy, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  He figured out real early on he could use the fear of rejection mixed with a little inane complimenting to basically make these girls fool around with him.  He at one point (ok several points) even goes so far as to tell girls that whether they kiss him or not factors into his decision to eliminate them.  And IT WORKS!

Oh fat girls.  Stop eating and get a fucking clue! Heheheh… sorry about that, that was insensitive.  Anyway, nothing profound to say about that.  I predict the girl he ends up choosing will be all wrong for him.  Unless he picks Tali, who is already all wrong for him, but in a good way.  (if you’re watching you know that leaves that blonde chick.  I don’t trust her)