Ok, so in preparation for my upcoming voyage, I’m trying out the WordPress mobile app. How’s this monkey work!? 

 pic, uploaded! Can you believe who I found on Tinder?! The ageless Amanda Lepore! I’ve met her. In fact, I shuttled her, covered in MAC pink lipstick in my mom’s SUV from a venue at which she was performing to her hotel. My one and only brush with greatness. 

Is this Fixin to get Interesting Again?

Real quick:  I’m going to be writing more stuff.  It’s happening this weekend.  ACCOUNTABILITY.  If I tell my zero readers I’ll do something, then I’ve just GOT to do it, don’t I?  Here’s a tease: I got to be the other man for serious this time, and I have a lot of thoughts and FEEEEEELINGS about it.  To share.  Unnecessarily.  With no one.


Another one of these?

I saw this ad as my train neared my stop and jumped up to grab a snap.  It’s already nearly impossible for me to take a decent pic on my iphone.  On a moving train, forget it.  Someone needs to find this soup and make it, stat.  Also, does the ram goat have a flavor that’s distinct from the ewe goat?