Dreams Different

I’ve been having a new version of the classic anxiety dream lately, and I’m not too pleased.  On the other hand, it’s at least an interesting phenomenon, so I’ll share it with the intergallery.

So here’s the most recent dream, analysis to follow (but it won’t be necessary): So, from what I can remember, I was house shopping at the beginning of the dream.  My goal was to get the biggest place with the most impressive layout for what i could afford.  So I find this place owned by a little old lady who’s moving south or something, and it’s pretty cool.  Old, a little undermaintained, but funky layout, two stories, big bathroom, lots of character.  Blah blah blah, I get it, have some friends over and it starts raining.  I’m giving them a tour of the place and we walk into a room at one end of the house (which is draftier and creakier than I remembered), and it’s leaking! I feel palpable dismay and a sense of failure.  I distinctly remember that in the dream i chastised myself for not checking for water damage or getting the place inspected before i bought it, and then I notice that half the ceiling in this room is missing.  The back end of my new house is completely open to the elements!

The rest of the dream is me scrambling to find a tarp, and trying to find the hidden value of my new home to somehow compensate for the gigantic hole and water damage.

So this is only the latest in my new series of anxiety dreams, most of which feature some sort of me forgetting to make a bill payment and suffering consequences.  The plus side, I THINK, is that I won’t be having anymore school-theme anxiety dreams.  No more forgetting my homework, or realizing I went a whole semester without attending chemistry class and there’s an exam tomorrow.  yay, adulthood.