Man it Keeps Getting Worse

Well I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front lately.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to represent, and how to keep it interesting.  It’s basically become a dumping ground for all the crazy lame shit that happens to me daily.  And as that it has definitely let me blow some steam that I otherwise can’t blow, not having a sympathetic live ear to fill.

But I wanted this blog to be a sort of guide to coming of age in geography- and hip-obsessed NY.  With plenty of funny depressing shit, but also some useful crap and some pictures and stuff to keep it interesting.  I had planned to make a logo out of the bridge i live under, and enhance my stories with images.

Unfortunately it’s been nothing but crap crap crap lately.  All the bosses at my job have been asked to retire and one’s even going to jail.  My union prescription plan won’t cover my acid reflux meds anymore because i’m too healthy (once i get the cancer they will let me have them)., also I keep getting stood up by friends and girls.  What’s the word for a member of the opposite sex who could maybe be your friend or maybe she’s interested in romance but it remains ambiguous?  Someone needs to come up with one.  Because they have been seriously canceling shit.

Last weekend I had 4 last-minute cancelations! FOUR! And living far away, it takes a lot to get things all coordinated and shit.  A last minute bail generally means I’m already there because I have to leave an hour and 30 in advance.  And here’s where having paperback books that actually fit in your pocket becomes the most important thing in the world.  One can always find a place to park it and read.

Kentucky Derby is coming up.  I have to find a party/bar that i wouldn’t mind being alone at the whole time.  It’s my new rule: never sign up for something unless I would be fine doing it alone, because chances are I will be.