If once, then always

So, lucky you.  I’ve decided to try out some of the more difficult (read: juicy) bits of work my memoir writing has generated here in this safe, unread, anonymous forum.  So.  Without further ado, I present the time I became Justin Timberlake’s eskimo half-brother. Oh also if you’ve ever wondered what those phone chat singles hotline things are actually like, read on: Continue reading If once, then always

Bad reputation nets good results?

Like most posts, this one springs from some daydreaming I’m doing while getting ready to leave my house to do some work.  It’s snowing hard outside (even though it’s like 45 degrees), and I’m looking for excuses to not leave the house.  I really should though.

So, in my mind I’m thinking about this girl I met for the second time this weekend.  She’s the classic “butterface.”  I feel a little bad saying it, Continue reading Bad reputation nets good results?

Helping her Cheat

So I’m sitting here waiting for Hurricane Sandy to be born and to launch dozens of roof tiles and metal L beams through my living room window, and I’m reflecting on a pile of weird ass shit that’s been gunking up the ole life lately.  (WARNING! It’s a long one, there’s video breaks, I couldn’t be bothered to proofread after about halfway through.  I will later if we’re all still alive). Continue reading Helping her Cheat