Comments. Addenda

Ok, first and foremost.  Comments.  If you are reading this blog, let me know you exist by chiming in or saying howdy.  In the future I’ll try to create some discussion worthy posts, with questions and such.  Or don’t comment.  But it could be fun.  You can do it completely anonymously.  No need to enter any private info, just put a nickname and you can post!  Sweet, i know.  Click it NOW!

The juicy bits: I closed my okcupid account.  Ok I just disabled it this time (yes, I have been here before).  Only this time, instead of it being like I’m fleeing from the crush of psychotic and mediocre girls desperately clamoring to slice my skin off and wear it as a hipster-suit, it’s a more reasoned and deliberate flight.  I have some very convincing reasons (to me) for why online dating will never work for me as more than a place to meet friends who I might possibly sleep with.  Except I seem to not be interested in that at all.  Basically, the process of browsing through potential matches and trying out some and ditching others is too much like shopping online.  It sucks out the excitement of real life.  Plus I was addicted to the constant, mild ego boost.

Also, I have purchased two badges to the northside festival, and I suggest you check it out if you want your hipster friends to like you.  I will like you even if you don’t.  Too lazy? It’s like if some hipsters in Brooklyn woke up and realized that all the bands that make other festivals hop actually LIVE HERE.  So they all ALL are booked and playing in June in the hipster triangle.  I’m just hoping I find someone to share the extra badge with, but I’m sure this time I’ll be able to sell it.

Lastly, check out the Leila (pronounced Lila) texts blog here. It’s mildly funny. The concept is that this girl gets every text on Verizon addressed to “Leila”. Which apparently Verizon lets you text to a name… who knew?  I’ve met this girl and she’s hilarious.  The hilarity doesn’t quite come across on the screen, but it’s still fun.