Buck Up, It’s Fall!

So it’s cuffing season again, and HIE is gunning to make some changes in his approach to love.  And also in his approach to his career and his free time.  Basically a total overhaul.  Except, I’ve been beaten down by the weight of so many failed attempts to make positive life changes that I don’t have much faith in them.  Also, my library card stopped working mysteriously today (in the app), and the local branch was closed, despite having open hours on Mondays.

Conspiracy? Columbus Day?

Probably the first one, because as we all know, no one celebrates Columbus Day anymore, what with the bad rap expansionism/colonialism/genocide has gotten. Continue reading Buck Up, It’s Fall!

Getting Jerked Around: Apologies

Hey hey, sorry if you visited recently and the site was all jacked up.  I guess I just learned what happens when you press “update” on everything but don’t bother checking the site.  Looks like Pagelines, the theme I had been using (very happily, I might add), decided to get even more fancy and complicated.  In other words, it went to shit. Continue reading Getting Jerked Around: Apologies