Doctors Get Crazy Too

Alriiiiiiiight.  So.  Which chapter of crap in the life of a lonely hermit grown-up hipster is this going to be, you ask yourself?  How about I vomit out what I’m dealing with in the medical realm?  Ok, so I went to this specialist, a gastroenterologist, to get a scope jammed down my throat to prove i really have chronic heartburn.  And he did and I do.  But it was a weird experience and I was left sort of questioning the honesty and professionalism of this a-hole.

So I asked around.  I have 2 friends who have Crohns disease, which is a pretty baffling and shitty digestive system disorder.  For those keeping score at home, yes I slept with these girls.  We dated.  I dated one for quite some time and we had some really good times.  We aren’t very close anymore.  I digress.

I got their doctors’ names, and I figure since they have been to millions of these guys and gals and settled on their current doctors, they have GOT to be good.  Why didn’t I do that in the first place? Because my general practice guy (not so hot himself) referred me to this guy.

So anyway, my current guy is shady and has already committed insurance fraud and withheld information from me (if the info even exists… i haven’t seen much proof he did the tests he said he did other than the camera in the gullet).  So… when my prescription plan denies my refills, I’m not too hopeful that the situation will get resolved.  It doesn’t.  Long story short, the rep from the prescription plan told me she had never dealt with as crazy and rude a doctor and that I should switch, and I have to pay over the counter prices until I do.

Check and check.  So I have an appointment with a doctor who has been thoroughly checked out by a friend tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see if it makes a huge difference in my experience.  I also can’t wait for act 3 of the drama with my old stomach guy: in which I try to obtain my records and have to threaten to turn his ass in to the state board for insurance fraud.