The Inskernex

So it’s 12:42AM, Friday night. I’m at home.  Here’s a thing about New York that’s subject to change, but hasn’t in the last couple years: Most people don’t really go out on Friday night.  And if they do they royally half-ass it.  I am giving in to this situation and Fridays will henceforth become Get Shit Done nights.

To wit: tonight I spent a fucking loooong time dicking around with my resume site.  Of course I’m not going to link to it because I hate you all and I would never willingly let you find out who I really am.  No but really, come on.  And I had an interesting discussion about gentrification with a person I almost went on a date with from that cupid site, but we didn’t and now things have simmered down into a bland series of instant messages about the hood.  We both live here at the ass end of Brooklyn, hence our original inclination to meet up.

Anyway (and I realize my blogs are like a million times too long, so I’ll trying to paraphrase here), it went like this:

Girl: I see more and more hipsters in our hood every day
Me: Oh thank god
Girl: No, but they’re going to ruin the neighborhood.
Me: Huh? How?!
Girl: Gentrification.  I don’t want an American Apparel here.
Me: Srsly? But–
Girl: I’ve seen too many neighborhoods with charm and character destroyed by gentrifying rich yuppies
Me: Have you ever actually opened your eyes in this neighborhood? It’s all rich white people ALREADY!  And they’re all TACKY!
Girl: Something stupid and irritating
Me: Somebody tell me when the yuppies get here

So I obviously edited for time, etc, etc, but the thing is, this girl is always complaining about how lonely and isolating living in this place is.  And she’s right (when she says that part).  Why anyone wouldn’t want a nice mix of people with a sense of fucking atmosphere to be injected in this paean to “Saturday Night Fever” of a town I’ll never know.

Back to the subject of this entry (right). I have now posted my resume online, and everyone I know who works in the biz I do finds something to dig into and pull apart, sending me into a spiral of self doubt.  Everyone else, however, loves it and is positive.   My industry is full of bitter jealous assholes.  Myself included.

The rest of the time was spent trying to figure out how to get my stuff to show up on google.  I think the consensus is you wait a month.  fine.  i will.  Next stop, work on getting this garbage heap up to snuff.