New people Same old song

Well I’m not sure what to focus on here.  Job sitch: scary as fuck.  Morale is at an all-time low across the board, bureaucracy is ascendant and personal accountability is keeping pace.  So I’m in a work environment where blind devotion to red tape is making it hard (impossible) for people (and me) to get shit done, but a new philosophy of holding people responsible for their work means not getting shit done has consequences.  Yikes.  Don’t get me wrong, there’re a ton of idiots at my job who would’ve been fired years ago if they worked anywhere else, and I personally welcome any boss who decides it’s time to stop letting shit slide.  I’m just worried about the whole guilty-by-association thing.  How does a person decide which team member fucked up on a project?  Safer to toss out everyone, right?  I hope not.  Let’s hope the union gives a shit.

Love life sitch: In a serious relationship.  No more handjobs in bars by strange women for the H.I.E.  Instead it’s trips to nearby metropolises to attend the weddings of sisters, weekends pushing the karaoke comfort envelope open, and evenings listening to lengthy recountings of daily minutiae.  Lucky me those minutiae are often regarding encounters with J. Lo and Katy Perry…  but I gotta say I’m having trouble sharing my hermit space with someone else.  Most days it’s fine and fun to have a caring lady to cook for and talk to and cetera.  And then it suddenly gets old and I can’t stand to have her around.  And it’s hard not to interpret those feelings as being deeper than commitment phobia/panic and selfish desire to watch the bad TV I like.  But I think this one’s going to be around a long time.  As long as I work in some days off.

Except MAN i could save some serious dough if she moved in and split the rent.  Holy crap.  We’re talking max-out-the-Roth-IRA-contributions money.  heh.  Or whiskey.

Look for a more specific update this weekend as I attempt to hide from girlfriend relatives by pretending to work.  Also, I’m toying with the idea of telling some dating stories just to get them out there before my new blissful state erases them from my mind.  Let me know if there’s interest.