The Most Boring Post

So I was fucking around with the new mint ipad app, of which I am incidentally a big fan, yesterday.  It’s not super self explanatory beyond the data it shows you up front (mainly in the form of a pie chart of this month’s current spending trends), but I swiped a little just to see if anything would happen.  And it landed me on a page that super confirmed what I had feared all along.  Ever since special lady friend left me, I’ve been spending more money than I’ve earned.  So I got this chart with red all over it.  Kinda scary actually, because I don’t know what to cut.  All my spending seems to be semi-necessary impulse stuff (like train tickets in Italy or taxis home from the city at 3AM).  So today’s fun-tivity will be coming up with a plan of attack.  Maybe I’ll even write a post here on what I come up with.  Maybe not.  Probably not.  Who am I kidding, this is my last post ever.

Something for your Christmas spirit: Father Christmas – The Kinks