Secret Box

I’ve got a box of old letters hidden under my bed.  Ok, it’s actually in my closet.  I don’t keep shit under my bed because I live alone, have a ton of space, and am a goddamn adult.  Anyway, the box is one of several low priority items that live on a shelf that’s hard to reach.  Stuff like the box my laptop came in lives up there.  And a bag I bought to carry a vintage alesis drum machine I got when it was not vintage at all.  Incidentally, I mAlesis SR-16ade some really killer beats this one hour back in ’94 when I managed to hook that thing up.  I even saved them.  I bet they’re still saved and it still works and I’ll be famous soon. Continue reading Secret Box

Ice cubes

I’ve got this fork, spoon, and matching knife in my silverware drawer that don’t belong. They’re nice, sort of baroque formal with scrolling flourishes to the base of the handles, like old fashioned twirly-pattern wallpaper.  Conservative and substantial.  Just the three.  Most of my other, matched stuff is your basic Crate and Barrel middle-of-the-road modern minimalism. Continue reading Ice cubes