Give it a Rest

I think I’m going to go ahead and give in to my hermit tendencies now.  I may go so far as to drop my facebook account.  I had a particularly frustrating day.  I have basically instituted a policy of accepting every invitation i get from everyone.  I expected this to result in more socializing and maybe even more good times.

Instead it’s just a sack of disappointing.  Today was a prime example.  A girl I met invited me to Prospect Park to hang out with her and some friends.  When I asked where she responded that I should call her when I get there and she’d tell me where they were.  I went.  I called.  She was at home.  Ok. Fine. The park was really nice and no big deal being stuck there alone because I had a book, the sun, the breeze, and hundreds of people enjoying themselves.

Then, I went to a birthday bbq for a friend (acquaintance).  I grabbed a six pack on the way.  When I got to the address, no-one answered the buzzer, the friend didn’t respond to calls or texts.  I went back home carrying the beer the whole hour 15 it took.

I have a large stack of old pictures and old letters here from my childhood home that I rescued from storage recently.  I think I will post some of the letters here on the blog.  They are really something else.  In the meantime I’m gonna wallow in memories and nostalgia.  They should keep me occupied on the brief times when I want company.  Some of the letters are really awesome.  There are quite a few letters wondering why I’ve stopped responding.  I have a lot of bad karma built up if these letters are any indication.

Quick question:  If you were in a band 12 years ago, found some pictures, and posted them to facebook, would you be upset if your bass player and former best friend untagged himself from them?