Busy work or Gettin’ busy?

Hey hey, so I’m balls deep into a week plus 3 days “staycation.” In which I do a bunch of shit I tell myself I don’t have time to do regularly.  What with the working until evening and the hour+ commutes and the dating the ladies and sech.  One of those things is migrate all my mazillion websites to run the wordpress stuff.. uhh.. content management thing.

I’m starting with the blog, which exists currently in Rapidweaver, and there is no easy way to migrate it.  Or maybe there is… I found a wordpress plugin that converts html to posts or something, but it turns out it’s much more convivial to my constitution and current needs to just copy and paste each one and manually pre-date them.  Which means I do that, feel like I’m busy, and avoid deepening my knowledge of Avid, or finish 2nd drafting my 1st novel, or writing a really crack good short story.

The next step will be to install the wordpress files on my server, hope it doesn’t un-anonymize my shit, and figure out how to concurrently run my resume page without also creating some sort of obvious link between the two.  Oh, and maybe recreate that in WordPress too.

I’m spending some time on Lynda watching videos about it, but mostly I’ve been baking a shitload of cookies and veeeeerrryyy sloooooowly cleaning up around the apt.  The end.  We’ll see what happens.  More romance and dating oriented stuff later.  There’s some pretty yum shit.

Too Much Too Soon

First order of business:  In the coming weeks (ok, probably this weekend) I will be experimenting with converting this site to a wordpress dealie.  Currently I use Rapidweaver, which is this super cheap but pretty flexible template-based web design program that gets bundled into those MacHeist/MacUpdate things with the 10 pretty good shareware programs for the price of one… blah blah blah highly recommended but.  Going to hope I don’t fuck this blog up for too long. The point is to be able to update during the day from the web.
Just got back from Los Angeles where I, among other things, met this super beguiling siren:

Of course when I was introduced to her I had no idea she was this indie darling.  Wouldn’t have mattered.  She was that charming kind of spacey that guys like me wish they could fall into completely, but know our cynicism would ruin it after like a week.  We talked (in a group) about how she hates babies but loves kids, and that none of the seances she’s been involved in have ever featured levitation.  I’m not spelling out her name here because it feels weird spilling the contents of that dinner even a little bit.  But I’ll hint and say the dinner involved some other semi famous yet warm and wonderful people, and I wish I was back there sharing Thai food right now.

OK.  Now. The love life. Blah blah summer fling girl says one thing, does a different thing then manages to twist everything in such a way as to keep me from having a solid, describable basis for being upset, and by the way no more sex. Waah wwaahhh waahhhhh!! She called me at work the other day livid, with a catch in her throat that told me she was hurting, too.  Seems some prick she knows had made some fucked up comment about us having sex and she decided to direct all of the rage and helplessness that stirred up in her at me.  She said I betrayed her to my coworkers by telling them about us.  I don’t think that’s true, but whatever.  I reacted poorly, shutting down and forgetting everything I might have said to defend myself or make her feel better.  She hung up on me.  Some dude called me a couple nights later from her phone at about 1:45AM.  I hung up on him.  It turned out that was someone who found her phone supposedly lost in a taxi.  Who cares?  Now she wants to talk shit out so we get along at the holiday party and the fucking company fucking ski trip we’re all going to be at.  I ask you again, who cares?  I’m not going to play the game with her anymore.  YAY!

On another note:  Met/dated three really great women recently, all over 30, thank god.  There’s three of them, which sucks.  I know the inevitable “you mean you’re dating someone else?” thing may come up.  I don’t know, I’ve never dated multiple 30+ year olds at once, so they may be more realistic than I expect.  And let me clarify, we’re talking first dates, not fucking marriage and trips upstate.  But I think it’s time to stop apologizing for looking for love.  At the same time it’s probable that none of these girls are right for me anyway.  None of them ever may be.

This is fun: