New Serial! The Other Man, pt 1

So, here’s what I’m gonna do.  I’m going to tell a story in pieces.  This way I can get this motherfucking blog back into the swing of shit.  This story is about a recent relationship, how it went wrong (or something), what I learned about myself from the experience (or something).  And HOPEFULLY, someone in the same situation can read this and recognize themselves in it, and gain some tiny bit of comfort.  Or maybe it’ll just quiet mah brain fever for a sec.

DAY 1:

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You gotta break some eggs

I’ve recently noticed that embedded video doesn’t show up in the email version of this blog.  So, the solution is for you to click on over the the actual site. Done. Ok.  Yes.  Here’s a track to play while reading this post:

Today’s theme?  Managing the painfulness of our (romantic) relationships.  I’m talking here about the attempt to lessen the pain our partner feels while managing our own experience.  I think this is something that we all think about mostly as happening at the end of a relationship, Continue reading You gotta break some eggs

Pride of the Protestants

Ok.  So.  I have a couple of topics that are kicking around in my head-bucket right now, but the thing is, they kinda hit a nerve in my life if I dig too deep into them and I get all whiny and annoying, so I’m struggling currently with a way to discuss them without degrading into melancholic mental masturbation (the triple M, believe it).

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