The Exile Goes Further…Alone

So.  A few weeks ago I quit my job.  It was kind of a huge deal for me.  I have another job now, which is what spurred me to do it in the first place (of course), but it was still a difficult decision.  In fact I’m wondering if I did the right thing for myself now that I’m done with day two of the new place.  Of course I did, if we’re talking overall career development.  And of course I didn’t if we’re talking following my passion and heart.  I have a little bit of a safety net saved up and now would have been the time to go for it… but I didn’t.

The beach directly in front of Sandos Playacar

ANYWAY, Last week was my last day at the job, and also my birthday, so a week before that I impulse bought a vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  I got a vacation package from jetblue after doing a ton ton ton of research on tripadvisor and cheapcaribbean.  It was a seriously painful experience… because seriously there are maybe a million hotels with a million reviews and who in the world can tell if a place is gonna suck or not from reviews mostly written by fat doughy middle-Americans and Australians? No offense, y’all, but your tastes and objectives are just different from mine.  A quick example: one guy gave a resort 2 stars (versus 5) because only one of the 5 bars near the pool/beach had coors and it wasn’t very cold.  Come on asshole.  Coors? Now I can’t trust the entire reviewing system!!!


Some local color in Playa del Carmen

Blah Blah I picked Sandos Playacar (all inclusive resort jobby) and found a flight/hotel package on jetblue that was maybe $10 cheaper than it was on cheapcaribbean (sorry guys) and hit BUY.  It was going to be from Thursday to Sunday.  I know that sounds weak but I was fairly certain that I couldn’t handle a trip alone to a place that caters to couples for too long, and I promised my old job I’d work until Wednesday.  And then some crap went down at work and I decided screw it.  So I extended my trip a couple of days, and got a cheap room at a hotel – it turns out a hotel without unlimited booze and food is less than half the price – and told the job I wasn’t coming in.  One whirlwind shopping trip for appropriate crap, a dicey call to Mexico to make sure my ride from the airport was hip to the change in plans, and a mild tearing-apart of my apartment looking for the passport later and I was on my wayyyyy.

I’d like to really spend some sentences describing the whole trip in detail, so I’m gonna split this thing up into a multi-parter….later.  With pictures.  Also because I had some shitty experiences and I want to make sure what I have to say comes up in google searches about those places.  Also also because I’m crazy depressed about my new job and the direction my life is headed right now and I just want to crawl in bed with the ipad and listen to the rain play background music to some netflix and neighbors’ TV.  So that’s where I’m going.  Good night.