End of a Really Good Thing

I’ve been circling around this topic for days now, firing off cryptically insensitive tweets and getting into internet fights and even more virtual fights in my mind about it and I’m finally going to give in and try to organize my thoughts on the matter here.  It’s rough and mildly offensive, but please stick with it to the end, where [spoiler alert] I agree with the decision.

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Helping her Cheat

So I’m sitting here waiting for Hurricane Sandy to be born and to launch dozens of roof tiles and metal L beams through my living room window, and I’m reflecting on a pile of weird ass shit that’s been gunking up the ole life lately.  (WARNING! It’s a long one, there’s video breaks, I couldn’t be bothered to proofread after about halfway through.  I will later if we’re all still alive). Continue reading Helping her Cheat