Well this is going to be short… For once.  Am I right?! Eh? High five!  Zing!

Went to a great show last night.  It was part theater/comedy and part actual musicianship.  Les Funky Bitches Fantastique at the Sidewalk Cafe.  I went because some friendly acquaintances were in the show and the audience.  And there were possibly going to be a lot of them.  In fact, there were only two.  But they’re top of my list of friendly acquaintances (has anyone come up with a word for that? did I in a past blog? I should now… associates? no.) that I like and really enjoy being around.  So it was a great time.  I encourage you to see the group perform on like a second date.  Perfect second date.

And my mom arrives in 4 hours!  We’re gonna chillax, have a nice dinner at a steakhouse here in the neighborhood, probably clean my apartment, go for a walk.  She’s here to be my date to the big awards show I’m part of tomorrow.  In which I may win two awards, but probably not because super super awesome things only happen to me once per year, and they usually wait until the end.  Or did I just make that ridiculous shit up? Yes.  Yes I did.