Holy snap am I eggcited!

Ok, I’ve had a bunch of little pieces of shit to talk about floating around for a while.  How about I randomly barf them up into this blog entry!?  OK!


First off, have any of you (new yorkers) ever had the turnstile do the old “swipe again, swipe again, swipe again, swipe again at this turnstile, swipe again, just used” bullshit dance?  That fucking shit right there is the one and only supreme argument for keeping manned booths in stations forever.  I don’t give a shit about the increased security, help for clueless tourists, help for blind or otherwise impaired people who want to buy metrocards, or whatever other incredibly reasonable reason you might have for wanting a live person down there at the entrance to the subway.  I have only ever used the services of a booth person for one thing: to let me the fuck in when the swiper steals my ride.  And it happens ALL THE TIME. Usually on my way to work or a job interview that I am exactly on time for until I have to climb out of the station, walk a few blocks over to the entrance with the poor bastard sitting in the booth.  Who am I kidding, I’ve got money… I just buy a new card with pay-per-ride action.  Walking outside is for losers.  Such a scam, MTA.

Cool info-graphic with per-station details on who uses unlimited cards vs other types.  I don’t actually care, but I’m testing out putting links and shiz into this new (to me) interface.


Second: I need a logo or banner or something to give this site some life-slash-identity.  Except I never will, so here’s proof I know I need it and will never act on it.


Third: After telling a bunch of colleagues I want to move on to something new, I’ve begun to get contact info and inquiries from people with jobs for me.  And now I’m all scared and hesitant to pull the trigger.  I’m getting comfortable (finally) with the way shit “works” at work and now my prime motivation to leave the place (constant rage) is completely gone.


Fourth: I drink coffee that’s been sitting on my counter for days.  And I hate myself for it.


Fifth: I reactivated my okcupid account in honor of Spring.  The thinking is that the power of pollen, warm air, sunshine, and all the little animals rutting around us will do what it always does every year in NY, namely make every single chick in the city come out of hibernation ready to have fun and stop being so effing lame.  I mean seriously.


Today was my ‘hood’s official St. Patrick’s Day parade.  I know.  A little late, right?  I’m thinking their thinking was maxing out their opportunities to drink during the day, all day.  This makes 2 weekends in a row for the bastards.  So jealous.  Maybe I should stop hating and start joining? Yes. (no)